Active RFID Management

Your Guide To Active RFID Management

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Active RFID Management

Active RFID management is necessary with active RFID tags. An active RFID tag is one that has a transmitter and a battery to send back information to a reader, instead of just reflecting back a signal like a passive RFID tag does. However, having a battery and a transmitter makes it more expensive than a passive RFID tag, usually about 400 times more, so active RFID management is only necessary for more expensive items.

Active RFID Management

An active RFID tag can be read from about a hundred metres or more and is frequently used by the military, shipping and airport services to track personnel, containers and equipment.

Active RFID management is pertinent to many applications these days and has been for longer than you might think in some industries. The British used active RFID management in its defenses during the Second World War to identify their planes to friendly RADAR. Active RFID management is still being used like that all over the world.

The military also uses active RFID management to identify everything from battle tanks to containers and hospitals use active RFID management to track patients from registration to check out. Many schools, libraries, supermarkets, public buildings and farms use active RFID management to keep track of visitors, students, employees and livestock.

There is no doubt about it that active RFID management is here to stay and will grow in importance year on year as the technology becomes cheaper and more powerful.

RFID Asset Management

RFID asset management comes in two basic forms active and passive, although there is also a hybrid of the two types as well. Passive RFID asset management is the more common form at the moment because the RFID tags are cheaper. In fact a firm in Korea has promised to deliver tiny passive tags in 2011 for less than four Euro cents each.

RFID Asset Tracking

Active RFID asset tracking is more expensive because the tag holds a battery and a transmitter. Active RFID asset tracking is used to track more expensive items such as military hardware, airplanes, vehicles and some endangered wildlife species. Both active and passive RFID asset tracking have been around for a lot longer than most people would guess

RFID Blocking Wallet

An RFID blocking wallet is designed to block the RFID tags in your credit cards, your driving license and other pieces of identification from being read by casual RFID readers that you happen to walk past. There are a lot of these readers almost everywhere you go, supermarkets, car parks, factories, airports, bus stations, farms, you name it and they are all actively looking for RFID tags to read. OK, they are looking for relevant ID tags to read, but if you want to be sure to keep your personal data safe, get yourself an RFID blocking wallet.

Best RFID Printer

A lot of people want to know which is the best RFID printer, sometimes called an RFID printer/encoder, which is a piece of apparatus that prints a label with an embedded RFID transponder in it. The RFID printer also encodes information in the chip within the transponder. Before you can find out which the best RFID printer for your firm is, you have to know what you want out of that RFID printer.



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