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Best RFID Printer

A lot of people in industry want to know which is the best RFID printer, sometimes called a printer/encoder. It is a piece of apparatus that prints a label with an embedded RFID transponder in it. The RFID printer also encodes information in the chip within the transponder. Before you can find out which the best RFID printer for your firm is, you have to know what you want out of that RFID printer and where it will operate.

Best RFID Printer

RFID printers are extremely specialized label printers that can print on paper or cards and encode at the same time on RFID transponders, usually known as tags, which are enclosed in paper or printable synthetic materials.

RFID tags need to have printed information as well in order to be compatible with bar code reading systems, and so that humans can read them too.

Ever since the Wrigley Company put a Universal Product Code (UPC) label on their chewing gum packets, bar codes have been recognized as a useful tool in industry. Manufacturers often even design shipping labels to meet the needs of their customers.

Many organizations in all sectors of business, from Wal-Mart and General Motors to the Department of Defense insist on compliance labels on all incoming packaging.

In addition, many compliance programs now call for two-dimensional (2-D) bar code symbols or RFID tags. Industry, farming and government agencies all over the world are doing the same and RFID tags will only become more important as time goes on. This is especially true in the aerospace, automotive, defense, and electronics industries.

The time has already come when if you cannot print the right labels to comply with the customers' needs, your products will be excluded from selection. Therefore, it is becoming imperative to have the best RFID printer that you can afford.

The best RFID printers are able to print bar code on RFID labels, embed information on the chip in the transponder and print serial numbers and other important product information that the various production, inventory, and shipping companies can use to improve their efficiency.

The best RFID printer for you should be able to print and embed this information about your product so that bar code and RFID readers and data collection terminals are able to automatically capture this information quickly and accurately.

Often an RFID printer will have to work in less that ideal conditions, so the best RFID printer is rugged, easy to use and easy to refill. For example, an RFID printer may be stationed at the unloading bay where less that perfect shipping labels can be combined with other information and transferred to an RFID tag and label and attached to the pallet or item. This will ensure its future traceability through your system.

However, the unloading bay is usually open to all sorts of weather and operatives are usually in a hurry. Cheaper models may not be able to stand up to this sort of treatment. It is far better to get the best RFID printer you can afford first time around than have a broken cheap printer and then later have to buy the best RFID printer.



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